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Our office is open and is operating in conjunction with current social distancing guidelines. Please note the following when arriving for appointments:

1. Upon arrival, please come inside to check in. You may then either wait in the waiting room, or in your car (we will call you in).
2. No one other than the patient with the appointment is permitted in the exam room during the visit.
3. Payment arrangements should be made in advance via credit card, the Cash App or the Zelle App to reduce exposure to items prior to visiting the clinic.
4. All patients must wear a mask or cover their face and mouth effectively when inside the clinic.

Tele-Medicine appointments ARE available by calling 770-495-4935 to schedule.

Appointments available M-F 9:30am to 11:00am.

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Dr Xuan (Shirley) Cao MD, Ph.D

Women's health is my passion. As a female physician, I feel an innate obligation to improve women's health. With more than 25 years practice experience in Women's health, and with special interest in improving the outcome with minimally invasive procedures, I feel that I am assisting in overcoming the barriers to health that women face and finding new ways to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Cao is also the owner of Forever SkinCare Med Center LLC, a full service skin care center with many services including: Botox, Micro-Needling, PRX T33 Bio Revitalyzer Peel, Hydraneedle, and has the latest, most advanced 7th Generation aesthetic machine: the IPL and Laser Photo Fractional Stellar M22.
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Accepting new patients! 
Same day appointments and online scheduling available!


通英语, 语国, 粤语


妇科: 月经不调, 子宫肌瘤, 卵巢肿瘤, 宫颈病变, 避孕, 不孕, 白带增多, 健康检查 等,精于微创先进手术;

产科: 各种常见病和高危妊娠的诊断, 治疗 和各种手术


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